Mechanix Wear (on ISL GSA)

Mechanix Wear (on ISL GSA)

ISL is proud to carry the TAA Compliant Mechanix Wear Tactical Line via the Incredible Supply *GSA Schedule Contract #GS-21F-0025Y.

*Available to: U.S. Federal Agencies, U.S. Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), the U.S. Intelligence Community and Prime Systems Integrators supporting Federal Government Programs, Contracts or Projects.  Questions on how to qualify for discounted GSA pricing contact - Contact ISL Today.

ISLGSA_Logo3_Merged.jpgMechanix Wear makes high performance work gloves for automotive, racing, construction, industrial, safety, gardening, and home improvement.  ISL carries Mechanix Wear’s TAA compliant tactical line designed to suit the needs of military professionals that need general protection and extra grip.  The Mechanix Wear TAA compliant tactical line are also engineered for the most extreme working conditions and are designed to take on the punishment so your hands don’t need to.

Mechanix Wear TAA Compliant Tactical Line Product and Part Number Map:

Mechanix Wear Tactical Part #s
Mechanix-TAA_Original_MG-F55_ISL.jpg TAA Orginal Glove

-All Purpose-

MG-F55 (TAA-Compliant)
Mechanix-TAA_M-PACT_MP-F55_ISL.jpg TAA M-Pact Glove

-Impact Protection-

MP-F55 (TAA-Compliant)
TAA M-Pact 2 Glove

-Heavy Duty Protection-

MP2-F55 (TAA-Compliant)

Mechanix-TAA_M-PACT-3_MP3-F55_ISL.jpg TAA M-Pact 3 Glove

-Ultra Knuckle Protection-

MP3-F55 (TAA-Compliant)
Mechanix-TAA_FastFit_MFF-F55_ISL.jpg TAA FastFit Glove

-Easy Entry Cuff-

MFF-F55 (TAA-Compliant)


Mechanix Wear and Incredible Supply and Logistics (ISL)

To speak to a ISL Mechanix Wear product expert or to purchase any Mechanix Wear gloves or products - Contact ISL Today.

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