Malta Dynamics

Malta Dynamics

Malta Dynamics by ISL offers a full range of fall protection systems and products including their award winning "The Grabber" mobile fall protection system.  These systems are successfully used to get the job or mission done safely and effectively across a variety of markets including Defense, S&L Government, Construction, Mining, Rail, Maritime Shipping and Aircraft, Land Vehicle, Ship Construction or Maintenance.  

Malta Dynamics and their products meet the highest level of quality.  Their products are ANSI and OSHI compliant and their quality control program includes testing every batch of every product that passes through their doors, detailed final shipping inspections, and the strictest control measures built into world class manufacturing processes.

Malta Dynamics and the "The Grabber" Product Listing:

Product Name  Product Description

"The Grabber"

Mobile Fall Protection

  • "The Grabber" - Part #: X1240
  • "The Grabber" w/Extending Mast - Part #: X1250
  • "The Grabber" Rescue & Confined Space Kit - Part #: R2000
  • "The Grabber" Solar Charger - Part #: S1000
  • "The Grabber" Wireless Control - Part #: W1000
  • "The Grabber" GO! Friction Drive Mobility - Part #: W1000

Additional Malta Dynamics Fall Protection Systems and Products:

  • Anchorage
  • Bodywear
  • Self-Retracting Lifelines
  • Lanyards
  • Connectors
  • Enclosed Track Systems
  • Beam Stanchions
  • EXPlatforms

Malta Dynamics and Incredible Supply and Logistics (ISL)

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