Drum-Mates Inc.

Drum-Mates Inc.

DRUM-MATES by ISL offers a full range of safe, high quality, well designed, economical drum and tote (IBC) or tank liquid process equipment.  They are a recognized manufacturer and primary supplier of superior quality, technically advanced industrial liquid processing and container handling equipment for drums, IBCs (totes) and tanks. They manufature supply heaters, mixers, pumps, hand dispensing nozzles and other process equipment to general industries, government, commercial and public institutions in the NAFTA region and around the world.

DRUM-MATES Products Available from ISL:

  • Heating Solutions - (Drum Heaters & Insulators, Cabinet and Specialty Heaters)
  • Drum, Tote and Tank Mixers - (Mixer Drives, Tank Mixers, Rollers, Tumbers, Rotators)
  • Pumps - (Hand, Air Operated, Electrical, High Viscosity, Pneumatic and Accessories)
  • Pour - (Nozzles - Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Teflon, and Assemblies)
  • Handle - (Hand Trucks, Portable Trolleys, Mobile Racks and Palletizers)
  • Adapt - (Bung Thread Converters, Thread Reducers, Tube Guards, and Safety Splash Caps)

DRUM-MATES and Incredible Supply and Logistics (ISL)

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