Cover Guard (on ISL GSA)

Cover Guard (on ISL GSA)

ISL is proud to carry Cover Guard Temporary Protection System Products via the Incredible Supply *GSA Schedule Contract #GS-21F-0025Y.

*Available to: U.S. Federal Agencies, U.S. Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), the U.S. Intelligence Community and Prime Systems Integrators supporting Federal Government Programs, Contracts or Projects.  Questions on how to qualify for discounted GSA pricing contact - Contact ISL Today.

ISLGSA_Logo3_Merged.jpgCover Guard by ISL is the world’s leading flame-retardant temporary protection system.  Used by the marine, offshore, aviation, rail, construction, federal, defense and utilities industries to protect during new building, refurbishment, maintenance and outfitting stages.    The cover guard range has been designed and developed to provide innovative temporary protection for all types of horizontal and vertical surfaces and finishes. The products can be used both internally and externally to protect against damage from trade wear and tear and workmen's activity. cover guard can also be used to wrap, cover, screen and contain all types of equipment, furniture, fittings and fixtures.

Cover Guard Protective System Product and Part Number Map:CoverGuardProductPic.png

Cover Guard Products Part #s
Floor Protection CG1036/72DP, CG1336/72DP, CG2536/72DP, CG4036/72DP
Carpet Protection CG04100SATA
Wall Protection CG0636TF, CG0672TF
Scaffold Protection  CG0872SC
Bubble Wrap CG4815BW, CG48153BW
Impact Protection CG0515FM, CG24122PP3LD
Fire Curtain Protection CG90000DML
Tape CGTP04BU, CGTP20010


Cover Guard and Incredible Supply and Logistics (ISL)

To speak to an ISL Cover Guard product expert or to purchase any Cover Guard Protection System products or services - Contact ISL Today.

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