CK Worldwide (on ISL GSA)

CK Worldwide (on ISL GSA)

ISL is proud to carry CK Worldwide TIG Torches and Accessories via the Incredible Supply *GSA Schedule Contract #GS-21F-0025Y.

*Available to: U.S. Federal Agencies, U.S. Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), the U.S. Intelligence Community and Prime Systems Integrators supporting Federal Government Programs, Contracts or Projects.  Questions on how to qualify for discounted GSA pricing contact - Contact ISL Today.

ISLGSA_Logo3_Merged.jpgCK Worldwide has been manufacturing quality TIG welding torches and accessories for over 44 years.  CK Worldwide offers the largest selection of TIG torches and accessories in the world and is widely known as “The Choice of Master Craftsmen”.  CK builds quality products designed for many industries and has a long proud history supporting the United States Navy, U.S. naval shipyards and the U.S. armed forces at home and in theatre.  ISL is a master distributor of CK Worldwide Welding products and accessories and is the exclusive authorized GSA distributor for all CK Worldwide products and accessories to the U.S. government.

CK Worldwide TIG Torches and Accessories Product and Part Number Map:CKworldwide_Coldwire.jpg

CK Worldwide Products Part #s
Gas Cooled TIG Hand Torches CK9, CK17, CK24, CK26, TL26, CK80, CK90, CK100, CK110, CK130, FL130, CK150, CKC150, FL150, CK210, TL210
Water Cooled TIG Hand Torches                                     CK18, TL18, CK20, CK24W, CK180, CK200, CKT200, CK230, FL230, FL250, CK300, TL300, CK350, CK510
Airco Style TIG Hand Torches CKA10, CKA16, CKA20, CKA35
TIG Machine Torches CKM230, CKM350, MT100, MT200, MT300, MT400, MT500
Cold Wire Feed TIG Feeders WF-1, WF-3
Colf Wire Feed TIG Torches CWH180, CWH230, CWHTL300, CWH350, CWM230, CWM350, CWMT400, CWMT500-7, CWMT500-18, CWH/CWM
Cold Wire Feed TIG Wire Guides various - contact for details
TIG Torch Consumable Parts various - contract for details
Purge Chamber PC2000
TIG Torch Accesssories Remote Contactor Control Electric Switches, Amptrak Torch Mounted Remote Controls, Safe-Loc Power Cable Extension/Adapters, Water-Cooled Fuse Blocks, Water-Cooled Cable Extension Box, Cable Covers, Power Cable Adapters, Torch Accessory Kits, Torch Hook-Up Kits, TIG Torch Dimension


CK Worldwide and Incredible Supply and Logistics (ISL)

To speak to an ISL CK Worldwide product expert or to purchase any CK welding product or accessory - Contact ISL Today.

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