ISL featured in VSE Corporation Small Business Teaming Success Story

Jan 7, 2013

VSE Small Business Connection, VOLUME 12 (Oct-Dec 2012)

VSElogoSmall.jpgChris Faison and the Incredible Supply & Logistics (ISL) team have been providing a vast variety of materials to VSE Corporation, supporting the requirements in the Federal and International Groups specifically.

In February 2012, ISL was awarded VSE’s Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) contract for the distribution of all safety related items – hard hats, safety glasses, hearing protection, hand and face protection, respiratory and breathing protections, outwear, footwear, etc. This program has resulted in cost reductions of over 50% in VSE’s Personal Protection Equipment.

VSE has also selected ISL as one VSE’s MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) materials suppliers, which means they are responsible for providing items ranging from nuts and bolts to materials handling equipment. Additionally, they assist VSE with sourcing and locating difficult to find military specification rated materials, supporting our U.S. Government contract customers.

“Having a business of this caliber in our network aids VSE Corporation with meeting the Customer requirement and VSE’s Small Business goals,” said VSE's Purchasing Director. “ISL has been flexible with process and procedures that meet the needs, and are in compliance with, VSE Procurement requirements, and it has not gone unnoticed.”

“Chris and Incredible Supply have done great work for VSE and he’s a very engaged individual,” said VSE's, Deputy Director of Supply Chain Management Division. “He actively seeks ways to improve and streamline relationships and services. When I was a Buyer, it was rare he wasn’t able to find something we needed, and he always followed up, and followed through.”

ISL President and Founder, Chris Faison said, "We are proud and honored to support VSE helping deliver critical parts, supplies and services globally. We work hard to innovate with VSE leveraging advanced analytics and business intelligence, to help procure any product more cost effectively and then leverage our specialized shipping and logistics teams to get those parts and supplies where they need to be as quickly as possible."

  • Tip from Chris Faison of Incredible Supply & Logistics:
  • “Building a successful relationship doesn't happen overnight. Our success was built from identifying measurable ways we could help projects and programs at VSE drive down cost and increase overall performance to the business. We started slow building relationships that earned us opportunities to work on smaller projects and as we exceeded expectations, we were fortunate to earn further opportunities to work on larger projects and programs across the VSE family. We focus on measurable business value we can bring to VSE and then an absolute commitment across our entire organization to deliver on time and on budget in support of VSE, their customers and their goals.”


The ISL VSE Team: Bob Faison, Bayne Keenan, Jeff Moody & Chris Faison


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