Supporting the Global Fight Against Ebola an ISL Perspective from the Front Lines


October 30, 2014


Bob Faison


ISL has been working extensively with International Health Organizations, U.S. Federal Civilian Agencies, the U.S. Department of Defense, and State and Local agencies to help support the global effort to defeat the spread of Ebola.  We are not only a supplier and master distributor of the specialized equipment and clothing healthcare workers need to protect them, but also a trusted advisor to these organizations helping them plan out emergency response and build long term strategies to ensure they are equipped to succeed.

Given our extensive experience I wanted to write a blog personally to pass along some information for anyone who is actively working to support the defeat of Ebola (or any blood borne pathogens).

Get Informed
To start it is critical that everyone gets informed about the disease and actively gets engaged by monitoring the International and U.S. organizations websites who are the central voices with regards to the spread, treatment and control of infectious diseases around the world.

The best places to start are reading, reviewing and monitoring daily:

WHO’s global response webpage for Ebola reviews the coordinated international response around the globe with specific information about what is being done in West Africa.  The U.S. CDC page is a central voice addressing the concerns of U.S. healthcare workers and citizens.

Get Engaged, Get Prepared and Get Experienced Help 
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the critical first line of defense for healthcare workers who are in direct contact with Ebola patients.  These healthcare workers need specialized PPE equipment and need to follow the strict guidelines and protocols on putting on, taking off, cleaning and or disposing of the PPE equipment after the treatment of anyone with Ebola.

THE DETAILS COUNT with PPE (especially in seam construction).  Healthcare workers and organizations supporting them need to make sure the PPE they are using meets and even exceeds the standards for protection from blood and blood borne pathogens.  We are finding organizations are not researching and making absolutely sure the PPE they are planning on using, meets or exceeds standards for their environment.   Since the Ebola virus is transmitted by contact with infected body fluids, protective clothing must have fabrics and seams that are 100% sealed to prevent liquid penetration.   THE DETAILS COUNT AND WILL SAVE LIVES or COST THEM.

Customer, Supply Partner and Manufacturer Communication is CRITICAL
Your distributor / supplier of PPE equipment needs to have deep ties and direct communication with their PPE manufacturer.   ISL works closely with Lakeland Industries who is arguably the most experienced PPE supplier in the world.  Lakeland's ChemMax1 with sealed seams has been a critical option for our customers.  Lakeland’s ChemMax1 fabric passes both ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671 test methods for protection from blood penetration and blood borne pathogens.  ChemMax1 also goes above and beyond the ASTM tests by performing at the highest possible levels in the more comprehensive European Norms (EN) and ISO testing standards related to infectious agents.  The performance of ChemMax1 in testing protocols from around the world, combined with sealed seams for increased protection against fluid penetration; makes it easy to see why these many organizations worldwide are trusting Lakeland’s ChemMax1 for protection.

You can find many sources for PPE equipment, but we encourage you to build a direct personal relationship with your supplier.   You need to have direct communication and need to have a clear plan to understand:

  • Availability - When can I get what I need, and how do I do it cost effectively?
  • Shipping Options - How do I get it where I need it to go, domestically or internationally?
  • Stocking Programs - Do you have programs so I can pre-purchase what I need and have it staged and ready for deployment to cut down time frames on delivery?
  • Emergency Response - Do you have resources available 24 x 7 / 365 that I can leverage at any time?

Get Serious Now
Lives are at risk during every moment when battling Ebola and without a coordinated plan and the right tools to defeat this disease the global implications are serious. 

If you are in charge of your organizations PPE sourcing needs I encourage you to review our Biohazard and PPE Solutions Page and then email or call us immediately.  We are experts in helping you review your specific requirements and then can build you and your organization the right solution to ensure you meet your goals or mission success.

Bob Faison – VP of Sales and Co-Owner
Incredible Supply and Logistics (ISL)


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