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April 24, 2012


Chris Faison (CEO, Co-Founder ISL)


One Goal. Mission Success... the new & Blog by Chris Faison

The entire ISL team is proud to announce the launch of our new corporate website 2.0.   Our new website and this new blog reinforce our commitment to develop better ways to communicate with our customers, partners and all the amazing manufacturers we work with worldwide.  We have deeply integrated social networking into our new website (to help foster a tight-nit community) and have also worked hard to make sure our new website is easy to navigate and has any product or resource someone needs right at their fingertips.

One of the things I am most excited about as we launch our new website, is the capability to highlight and give a voice to all of the fastener, industrial supply, shipping and logistics thought leaders here at ISL via our new blog.  Our team has an amazing wealth of experience and knowledge spanning the very specialized sourcing and supply needs of the Federal, Defense, S&L Govt. and Maritime Communities.  We also have deep expertise surrounding industry specific solutions like serving the Federal & Defense Vehicle Sustainment community and sourcing TAA Compliant Products worldwide.

As we built 2.0 we wanted to completely transform what an Industrial Supply company could be.  We will leverage the best people in the world, leverage improved processes to get more efficient and new technologies to help our customers execute on their missions to make supply procurement faster, cheaper and easier than ever before.

Our tremendous growth and the blessings we’ve received in building our company, stem from our original mission helping a single military land vehicle program get hard to find fasteners into theater quicker to get specialized troop carriers up and in the field.  ISL from day one was more than a business, it was a calling for a small team to use to use everything we’ve ever learned to help protect our soldiers and sailors.  While we’ve expanded into other markets and carry more products, every person at ISL wakes up with one goal every day.  Mission Success.  We understand any delay in how we conduct business could cost lives. We are committed to never forgetting our roots and what makes us great and this new blog reinforces our commitment to innovate in our industry.

We look forward to introducing you to our team, developing an open dialogue and would love your feedback and insight as we provide comment on the products, changes in logistics, technologies, trends, and news that is relevant in our world.

So off we go with the new 2.0, we are excited about a bright future and hope you stop by often.  KEEP IN TOUCH!


Chris Faison | CEO and Co-Founder | Incredible Supply & Logistics (ISL)

Twitter: or @goISL

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