ISL Global Computing Solutions (ISL GCS)

ISL is an authorized reseller of cloud, software, mobility, laptops, hardware, and other IT products, with specialized expertise in IT kitting, packaging, and pre-configuration solutions serving the Federal, Defense, Intelligence, S&L and Maritime communities.

Sample ISL GCS Vendor Experience and Solutions Support  

Computers Networking Cloud & Software Storage
Apple Brocade Adobe EMC
Dell Cisco Microsoft NetApp
HP HP Enterprise Oracle IBM
Lenovo Juniper Red Hat Hitachi
Panasonic NETGEAR VM Ware Fujitsu
and more... and more... and more... and more...
Mobility Sensors / IoT Power Management Components
AT&T Analog Devices Cooljag Semiconductors
Honeywell InvenSense Cooler Master Interconnects
Siemens Murata Schneider Electric Passive
Stratum STM Tripp Lite Electromechnical
Verizon Texas Instruments    
and more... and more...    

IT Kitting, Packaging and Pre-Configuration Services

ISL IT kitting, packaging and pre-configuration services are custom solutions designed to fit your unique mission requirements or organization’s needs. Services include:

  • Procurement of Kit Inventory - Example: IT equipment (laptop, monitor, docking station, wireless mouse, external keyboard, printer), software (Microsoft Office, Symantec Anti-Virus), accessories (laptop bag and power chords) and instructions
  • Kit Assembly - Detailed labeling and secure repacking for delivery of complete computing kits for easy distribution and program reconciliation and audit
  • Secure Shipments - Cost effective shipping and delivery to individuals or to program hubs, offices or facilities for internal distribution
  • On-Demand Kit Inventory Management - Kits are built, stored and shipped to your facilities upon request or on a preset schedule
  • Custom Billing - Flexible payment options per any unique program requirements or funding methods and thresholds
  • ***Documented U.S. Federal Cabinet Level Agency Support Past Performance, Experience and Expertise - References Available Upon Request***

Ruggedized IT Systems from ISL

IT equipment in harsh environments must endure extreme conditions, including extreme climates, constant or swift movements and rugged terrain.  ISL specializes in delivering specialty products and solutions to withstand and thrive in these demanding mission environments.

Ruggedized Product Category Expertise

  • ISL_OracleDatabaseAppliance3.jpgMonitor Displays
  • Workstation Consoles
  • Tablet Cases
  • eReader Cases
  • Netbook Cases
  • Small, Medium, & Large Transport Cases
  • Rackmount Cases
  • Inter-Stacking Pattern Cases
  • IT Cargo Restraint Systems


The Source for IT Solutions 

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