Commercial Maritime

ISL is the Commercial Maritime Sustainment Expert

Shipping.jpgISL has seawater in our DNA as the company is headquartered on the East Coast of the United States at the cross roads of the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay.  We deliver the right people, services and products to enable our commercial maritime customers to cost effectively sustain their ports, terminals and ships vital to global commerce.  ISL provides our commercial maritime customers with the most complete product acquisition and logistics solution set, including fastener, industrial and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products and custom tailored shipping and logistics services specific to each unique vessel and geography.

ISL Serves Commercial Maritime Customers

  • Product Tanker, Crude Oil Carrier and Gas Carrier  – ISL works with the largest commercial maritime companies in the world, custom tailoring the right level of product and logistics services to each individual vessels need.
  • Commercial Port and Terminal Sustainment – ISL has vast experience supporting the commercial ports and terminals vital to the ongoing operations of our commercial maritime customers.

Commercial Maritime -  The ISL Edge

Mission Focus and Comprehensive Support

  • NIT.jpgBulk Research & Acquisition Services for Large Multi-Line Item Quote Requests (Experience sourcing 1000s of line items on a single quote - .xls is a standard delivery to ISL)
  • Grouped Pallets of Multi-Line Item Quotes Packaged and Shipped Together to Freight Forwarders for Global Delivery
  • Unrivaled Product Research & Acquisition Services for Commodity or Hard to Find Items
  • Custom Branded E-Commerce Buying Portals for Commercial Maritime Buyers
  • Available Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) or Volume Supply Agreements (VSA)
  • Supply Chain Analysis and Management
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Inventory Consignment Programs
  • Procurement Visibility Reporting
  • Freight Forwarding and Global Cargo Transportation

Commercial Maritime Solutions by ISL

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